We contribute to your company by a surface treatment.


Anodizing & Plating & Chemical Treatment for Products. SILVEC not only provides quality products, but with our solid experience over the 50 years in surface treatments, plating, anodizing and conversion treatment, we promise you with our highest technical skills and development. We constantly work to resolve any problems and to satisfy the needs of our valuable customers at all times. By all means, we strive towards  creating a Win-Win business relationship where both sides are able to benefit off of one another. 
  Ever since our establishment in 1963 in Tokyo, Japan, we have actively involved ourselves in research and development of the surface, plating process especially with metal material top for over 50 years. 
THAI SILVEC launched as our first subsidiary oversea and have begun to operate at full capacity. We are equipped with some of the latest production systems.THAI SILVEC is much prepared to serve our clients with top-notch quality products and service.

日本において、1963年の創業以来50年超、表面処理、特に金属素 材上へのめっき処理技術の研究開発を続けて参りました。2011年にタイに子会社 としてタイシルベックを立ち上げました。自動車、オートバイ、カメラ、精密機器などの部品へのめっき、アルマイト、化成処理を提供しております。アルミ素材については、めっき、化成処理、アルマイトと様々な表面処理に対応することが出来ます。



Tel:038-447-557   e-mail:info@thai-silvec.com

Address: Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate Phase7.

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●Normal Anodizing:(普通アルマイト)


●Anodizing on Aluminum Die Casting (アルミダイカスト専用アルマイトライン)

●Hard Anodizing:(硬質アルマイト:JIS規格、MIL規格対応)


●Copper-Nickel-Chromium Plating(銅-ニッケル-クロム めっき)

●Electroless Nickel Plating(Ni-P):(無電解ニッケルめっき)

●Tin(Sn) Plating:(スズめっき)

●Black Nickel Plating(Ni-Sn):(黒ニッケルめっき)

●Copper,Nickel Barrel Plating:(銅、ニッケル、バレルめっき)

*Trivalent Chemical Treatment (アルミへ3価クロム化成処理:アロジン代替え)

●Trivalent Chemical Treatment:(アルミへの3価クロム化成処理)

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Tel:038-447-557   e-mail:info@thai-silvec.com

Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate Zone B.