「【Electroless Nickel:無電解ニッケル】」カテゴリーアーカイブ

【Electro Less Nickel Plating (Ni-P)】=無電解ニッケルめっき(中リン)=


・Maximum Size:W1800×D500×H800

・Material: Fe,Cu,Brass,SUS,ZDC,ADC,Al(A1000~A7000)


・Solidity(Hv): Hv500~700 (It becomes 900Hv or more to a heat treatment)

・Method: Jig,Barrel,Basket,

・RoHS: Good

It plates solely with a chemical reaction and without the process of electrolyzing. 
Therefore, it allows to plate areas with complicated shapes where electroplating 
Moreover, the solidity is higher than an electric nickel, allowing it to excel in resistance. 


・最大サイズW1800× D500×H800

・素材鉄、ステンレス、銅、真鍮、ZDC、ADC、Al ( A1000~A7000 )

・スペック2~10μm 10μm以上も可







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